Alice Springs Landscaping Supplies

Gravels, Sands, Rocks & Boulders (sold in tonnes)

We hold a large variety of landscape materials that will apply to a majority of tastes. Different stones and rocks to mulches and sands, everything you could need to build the perfect wonderland.

If you visit our store all the products are set up in bays easily accessible by car or truck, where our welcoming staff will load your vehicle with pleasure. We know the specifications on how much each trailer, Ute or truck can hold and will load you accordingly. Our loader has a 0.5m3 bucket

1 ton bulka bags of any product are available with at least a days notice depending on how many you require.

 Sandstone  Sand  Soil  Premix
 Red Base  Cracker Dust  Crushed Rock  Laterite
 Miners Rock  River Rubble  Planter Mix  White Marble
 Blue Metal  

If you are not sure on how many tonnes you will need, just let us know the measurements of the area you are covering and our staff can work it out for you!

All landscaping materials are sold in tonnes however our bark and mulches are sold in cubic metres.

If wanting large quantities please contact as soon as possible to ensure that your needs are met.