Alice Springs Landscaping Supplies



A variety of sands for many different uses, we have:

  • Jessie Gap/White Sand – a near white sand, very fine appropriate for a plasters mix or ideal for a children’s sandpit! It can also be used for laying pavers.
  • Undoolya Fine Sand – The finest sand you can get your hands on!
  • Dune Sand – Very fine red sand, with little clay component is perfect for creating the NT outback look in your garden.
  • Brickies Sand – Red clay sand, the name says it all, mix it with some Jessie Gap and you’ve got yourself a plasters mix.
  • Screened Sand – Sand that has been screened from one of two rivers around Alice the Todd and Roe Creek. You basic sand for bedding sand to concreting
  • Un-Screened Sand – Sand that has come straight out of the same two rivers as the screened sand but has had nothing done to it, A basic ground cover with little expense.


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